The Taylor Effect … and Beyond?

Welcome to Tidal Trends, a discussion blog related to Robert Taylor’s book Paradigm and the “Taylor Effect” it espouses on the indicial financial markets.


3 Responses to “The Taylor Effect … and Beyond?”

  1. Alex Basilides Says:

    What is the physical-chemical-biophysical-neurological-psychological chain of reaction and interaction of gravity relating to the (worldwide) human decision-making process? Is it, perhaps, rather such a chain that is indirectly related or merely correlated to gravity but actually based on a very different exogenous source?

  2. tidaltrender Says:

    Perhaps the very different exogenous source is the activity of the surface of the Sun, mediated through the solar wind during the time when the Moon passes through the Earth’s magnetotail. Hence the effect of gravity would be negligible, but rather the more significant effect, say, of charges near the Moon’s surface on propagation of Whistlers along magnetic field lines into the ionosphere and the Schumann wave cavity, would be affecting the brain-related reaction chain?

  3. auramclaughlin5826 Says:

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